Friday, August 21, 2009

Traeger Pellet Grills

All new ideas and inventions have an interesting associated with them. So is the case with how Traeger Pellet Grill came into existence. The story goes that during the early 1980s on a nice sunny day when Joe was out with this family for a 4th of July get together he planned to cook up some barbequed chicken. But all the excitement turned to despair when the chicken on the grill caught fire. That’s when Joe decided to build a wood pellet barbeque – a sort of grill that would change how the barbeque industry worked.

This grill is now patented and used around the world for the purpose of outdoor cooking. It has saved families from gas accidents and unhygienic cooking environments.

The fact is that these grills have become so popular that you now have people writing up recipes especially for the Traeger Grills.

All food cooked in the Traeger Pellet Grill has some distinctive advantages. The major things that stand out are taste, health, and safety, un likeliness of gas flare ups, a clean environment, convenience, versatility, best smoker, quality construction, economical, and ease of use.

You will find it interesting to know how the traeger wood pellet grill works. First the wood pellets are dropped into the hooper and then the switch is turned on. After about 4 mins the heated rod ignites the wood pellets. The wood pellets are automatically fed into the system by the auger. The auger acts like a mini forge.

When the food is surrounded by heat and the wood smoke it results in a wonderful aroma and taste.

The grill can be placed into 3 positions, i.e. grill on high, slow cook on medium or hot-smoke food on smoke. Some of the higher priced units have a digital thermostat allowing the grill to be used like an oven. The settings range from 180 degrees to about 450 degrees

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